How to Improve Swim performance with Flexibility Training

How to Improve Swim performance with Flexibility Training
Michael Phelps has a wingspan of 6'7” which surpasses his height of 6'4” by a full three inches. Longer arms means he has a longer distance per stroke, which is profoundly helpful for crossing the pool faster than other swimmers. Flexibility for a longer stroke is key for swimmers. With a greater reach on every stroke, they can cross the pool with less number of strokes and concentrate on power and speed to be the difference in being gold or silver placements.
The normal movement for a free-style swimmer is shoulder extension, pulling through internal rotation with the palm through to flexion. Increasing shoulder flexibility from the normal range of motion would result in greater stroke length and less strokes per lap. This in turn, results in faster swim times and races.

Here are 3 ways to use the Flexistretcher to increase shoulder flexibility

Wide Pull Stretch - Simply grab the nylon straps and lift arms straight overhead. Slowly lower the elastic center behind your head and have elbows pointing downward. While holding this position, rotate the upper body and rib cage keeping the Flexistretcher behind the body. Repeat the rotation 10-16 times and then reach up to release the Flexistretcher. Repeat this movement 2-3 times.

Side Body Overhead Stretch - Take the Flexistretcher and fold it in half, holding the elastic center in one hand and the nylon straps in the other. Keep tension in the Flexistretcher and arms extended overhead as you bend sideways to open the obliques, lats, and torso. Lean and hold each stretch for 8-10 seconds and then return to the other side and hold 8-10 seconds. Repeat 10 times.

Bow Belly Stretch - Lying on belly with elastic center on feet and hands holding loops, bend legs and press into stretcher as you lift chest and arms upward. Hold 15-30 seconds. Repeat 2-4 times.

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