Flexistretcher Band-Holding Variations

Flexistretcher Band-Holding Variations

Short Ring Hold

Connect loops around each thumb, then grasp rings with hands on each side of the elastic center.

Standing Long Resistance Foot Anchor

Standing, connect loops around each hand (thumb and forefinger) and place foot/feet on the elastic center.

Back Torso Wrap with Feet

Place elastic center around the back and connect loops around the ball of each foot (like in seated straddle position). Make sure the elastic center is not twisted, but lat on the body.

Sitting/Supine Long Resistance Foot Anchor

Sitting or lying on back (supine), connect loops around hands and place foot/feet on the elastic center.

Footed Holds

Place both or one loop on foot between toes & heel.

Hand Holds

Place loop on one or both hands between thumb and forefinger, or grasp with palm and fingers.

Front Torso Wrap

Place elastic center just above the chest and under the arms, with loops on hands or feet for variations like inBOW BELLY.

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