How to Adjust Flexistretcher Straps

How to Adjust Flexistretcher Straps

Ensure the Flexistretcher is the appropriate length before beginning any exercise. If you are unable to fully straighten your arms or legs during an exercise, loosen the straps.

  • To change the overall length, adjust each nylon strap separately. Make sure to adjust both sides equally, so the elastic always stays in the middle of the Flexistretcher.
  • To adjust the nylon straps, pinch the metal clasp between your thumb and middle finger, and place your index finger on top of the slider. Move the slider toward or away from the elastic center (so that the straps are longer for less intensity, or shorter for more intensity). Then pull the free end to adjust the loop.

Remember to leave large enough loops at each end, so that the straps can be held comfortably in your hands or looped around your foot (depending on the exercise). Keep in mind that if the loops are too large, they may be at risk of sliding up or down the anchor of the body.

The shorter the nylon straps, the more challenging the exercise will be. Start with the strap longer than needed and slowly adjust it to be shorter, to find the right resistance.

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