Flexistretcher Counterfeits & Imitations


Buying a Genuine Flexistretcher

FLX has paved the way in elastic resistance training with our flagship product the Flexistretcher®, and we are endorsed and trusted worldwide. Imitations and fakes will naturally begin to follow us.

When purchasing an official Flexistretcher® directly from us or from one of our authorized distributors you are paying for the safety and quality our products guarantee. With other lower-cost options you will be sacrificing quality, effectiveness and safety.

Shop only from flxstrong.com or our authorized wholesalers and retailers 

Shopping from www.flxathletics.com is the most sure way of obtaining a genuine product.

FLX LLC works with a long list of trusted international wholesalers. All registered wholesalers are affiliated with FLX LLC and should mention as much. If you are hesitant to purchase, contact wholesale@flxstrong.com for a wholesaler confirmation.

Safe and effective products

We have worked to create the best and most effective training products on the market today. The Flexistretcher® is specifically designed with the durability, comfort, and safety of its users in mind.

It is our mission to continue to create and provide top quality and safe products.

Report a counterfeit

Think you’ve found a Flexistretcher® counterfeit? Submit a report.