Instructor Certification Experiences are 8-hour intense trainings that will review the fundamentals of FLX Flexibility Training. FLX Classes are not a traditional stretch class, because flexibility is not just stretching. You’ll improve performance, align the body and increase your flexibility using a unique tool called the Flexistretcher. This product has been used for years to improve prima ballerinas flexibility and now it is making its grand arrival into the fitness world.

  • How to use the Flexistretcher
  • How to identify areas with limited range of motion that restrict peak performance
  • How to improve flexibility using the FLX stretching and strengthening exercises
  • How to teach FLX flexibility classes
  • FLX Instructor Certification  
  • Flexistretcher 
  • Exclusive FLX Certification Manual
  • One day intense training
REGULAR PRICING $349  *within 7 days of the certification
Email teach@flxstrong.com with any questions.


It's more than just stretching

"But most cardio and strength-training programs cause your muscles to tighten. That's why it's important to stretch regularly to keep your body functioning well."

- Mayo Clinic Staff

An indispensable component of anyone’s fitness arsenal.

A perfect portable tool to enhance your stretch and strength routine anytime and anywhere.


The FLX training method will be forever in my arsenal for my own fitness brand. Everyone at any level, beginner to elite athlete should use the Flexistretcher & all the training tools that go along with it. This is what I’ve been looking for for years as someone that didn’t have dance background, but had the desire to learn proper technique that assisted in strength as well as flexibility at the same time. There is a great need for this in the fitness industry where the Flexistretcher is that tool that can bridge the gap between strength training & the Pilates, yoga, & dancer world. Usually it’s one or the other, but it’s a huge goal of mine to voice that need for athletes to see the importance of continuing their large muscle group training, but that working ROM, & smaller muscle groups will give them that edge to longevity & injury prevention in whatever sport they are practicing. I’m so excited & honored to be a part of all these incredible people in the Flexistretcher community! Cheers. Xo 

Rachel Miller

I see the whole series benefitting the exercise science community in monumental ways! Many physical therapy and rehabilitation practices use therabands and I would love to see a change where they can transfer over to the Flexistretcher for a more safe rehab environment.

Jacquelyn Bernard